Northern Counties International Salon of photography Emerging Sage by Leo Palmer Northern Counties Photographic Federation

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After 31 years of enjoying the beauty of Colour Slides the Committee of the Northern Counties International Salon of Photography has decided that this year's salon will be the last of an era.

A few years ago we made the conscious decision that rather than rush to ditch Colour Slides for Digital Projected Images, as many of our contemporaries decided to do, we would embrace both and continue our support of Colour Slides as long as it might be practicable. Sadly the time has come when we have made the decision that we should move on, and that this salon will be the last Northern Counties Salon to offer a place for Colour Slides.

We would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation of the support we have enjoyed from Colour Slide workers over the years. This extra Gallery, devoted to those slides that were most successful in this year's salon, is by way of a celebration of Colour Slides and all they have ment to so many of us.

General Slides Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Slide
Golden Show - Peng Tjin Gho AFIAP (Singapore)
PSA Silver Medal - Second Slide
Tea Break Rajasthan - Peter A Watson EFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Landscape Slide
LoneBothy - Noel Morgan AFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Nature Slide
Gt. Spotted Woodpecker - John Webster ARPS (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Travel Slide
Casting Net - Chun Yip Chau EFIAP (Hong Kong)
PSA Ribbon
Een Pulsa - Bernard Huysmans EFIAP/p PSA Gal2 (Belgium)
PSA Ribbon
Limestone Landscape - Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/g PPSA (England)
PSA Ribbon
Lopgisson #3 - Marc Anagnostidis EFIAP APSA EPSA (France)
PSA Ribbon
Morning Mist - Federico Ramon Perez AFIAP (Argentina)
PSA Ribbon
Happy Sisters - Peng Tjin Gho AFIAP (Singapore)
NCPF Ribbon
Evening Light, Salt Pans - Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/g PPSA (England)
NCPF Ribbon
Evening Light, Wasdale - Dave Coates ARPS, EFIAP/g PPSA (England)
NCPF Ribbon
Derwentwater Dawn - John Webster ARPS (England)
NCPF Ribbon
Late Winter on the Coast - Jussi Helimaki EFIAP (Finland)

Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to recreate the images on this page as faithfully as possible, there are bound to be some variations in colour balance etc.

The Gallery is intended to give a flavour of some of the images that gained success in the Salon, but we cannot guarrantee accuracy in reproduction or quality of image.