Northern Counties International Salon of photography Emerging Sage by Leo Palmer Northern Counties Photographic Federation

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2019 winners


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photo-travel agriculture

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In year's Gallery, with four sections, we have included images of all the Medal winners from every section, 48 in total. Please enjoy.

Each of the four sections of the salon are in a separate sub-gallery.  Scroll down to the first image in any particular section you may wish to view; you can then scroll through that section using the 'next' arrows.  To return to this page simply click on any part of the screen outside the current image.

Open Colour Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Image
Light in the Storm -Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/p APAGB (England)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Creative
The Swan Whisperer - Paul Keene FRPS EFIAP/d3 MFIAP (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Landscape
"Lavender Evening - Sergey Aleshchenko (Russia)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Portrait
Kharunisia 2 - Kai Lon Tang EFIAP/d1 GMPSA (Macao)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Sport
Extreme Racing - Ian McFadyen LRPS EFIAP/s (Scotland)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Street Life
Life After the Earthquake - Xiaowen Huang (China)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Still Life
Fading Flowers - David Stuart (England)
Judge's Medal - Lip Seng Tan
Dancing with Frogs - Barry Mead FRPS EFIAP/d3 MPAGB (England)
Judge's Medal - Peter Gennard
Face Away - Bjarne Hyldgaard EFIAP/d1 (Denmark)
Judge's Medal - Dave Coates
Clean Bowled - Roger Evans - EFIAP/s MPAGB (England)
40th Anniversary Medal
Frosted Trees- Clive D Turner ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB (Scotland)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
The Rat Catcher - Alan Fowler DPAGB (Whickham PC)


Open Mono Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Image
Nerka 3 - Samir Zahirovis EFIAP (Bosnia)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Creative
Lonely Men Leave Lonely Cities - Adrian Donoghue (Australia)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Portrait
Stairway from Heaven - Bjarne Hyldgaard EFIAP/d1 (Denmark)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Landscape
Dune Studies 11- Mohammed Arfan Asif ARPS EFIAP/p (UAE)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Sport
Spin to Win - Roger Evans EFIAP/s MPAGB (England)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Street Life
My Pigeons - Mohan Gurusinghe AFIAP (Sri Lanka)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Nude
Entwined - Eion Johnston FRPS EFIAP/g DPAGB (Scotland)
Judge's Medal - Lip Seng Tan
Jumping the River - Jie Fischer (USA)
Judge's Medal - Peter Gennard
When the Time Comes - Michael Strapec AFIAP (Ireland )
Judge's Medal - Leo Palmer
Wind Blown - Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/p APAGB (England)
40th Anniversary Medal
The Tempest - Paul Keene FRPSMFIAP EFIAP/d3 (England)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
Osprey with Trout - Chris Morton DPAGB (Northallerton CC)


Nature Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Nature
Azure Creepers 1 - Lee Eng Tan MPSA (Singapore)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Wildlife
Black Vultures Dispute - Dee Maddams LRPS CPAGB (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Mammal
Grey Wolf Kiss - Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p MPAGB (England)
 PSA Silver Medal - Best Bird Action
Diving Gannets No.2, Shetland - David Keep ARPS AFIAP DPAGB (England)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Insect
Dewy Damselfly 42 - Jenni Horsnell (Australia)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Geology
Desert Ornaments - Grzegorz Lewandowski (Poland)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Botantical
Shaggy Pholiota - Bryan Crick AFIAP CPAGB (England)
Judge's Medal - Ian Whiston
Catch - Im Kai Leong (Macao)
Judge's Medal - Peter Gennard
Cuckoo in Flight - Robert Millin MFIAP EFIAP/p MPSA (England)
Judge's Medal - John Webster
Female Pair Hummingbird 2016 - Larry Cowles EFIAP/p FPSA GMPSA/p (USA)
40th Anniversary Medal
Lion Cub Warning - Bob Devine EFIAP/d1 MPSA (England)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
Iberian Lynx on Olive Log - Ronnie Gilbert DPAGB (Keswick PS)


Photo-Travel Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Image
Are We There Yet - David Sadler ARPS EFIAP CPAGB (Scotland )
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Portrait in their Environment
Mursi Woman - Duncan S K Hill EFIAP/p MPAGB (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Agriculture
Head Work - Yonghong Jin (China)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Transport
Bullock Cart by Tractor - Ka-Pak Kong (Macao)
GPUSilver Medal - Best Cityscape
Havana Downpour - David Keep ARPS AFIAP DPAGB (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Child/Children in Their Environment
Tribal Child 6 - Lin Zhang (China)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Village Life
Yi Elders - Yaping Ma (China)
Judge's Medal - Lip Seng Tan
Friday Afternoon Rupert M J Marlow (England)
Judge's Medal - Peter Gennard
Traditional Drummer 4 - Lee Eng Tan MPSA (Singapore)
Judge's Medal - Leo Palmer
Fishing Huts Reine, Norway - Ann Miles FRPS EFIAP MPAGB (England)
40th Anniversary Medal
Difficulty Return - Lien Ching Chen (Taiwan)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
Tyneside Evening - Peter Maguire LRPS AFIAP CPAGB (Gosforth CC)

 Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to recreate the images on this page as faithfully as possible, there can always be some variations in colour balance etc. The Gallery is intended to give a flavour of some of the images that gained success in the Salon, but we cannot guarantee accuracy in reproduction or quality of image.