Northern Counties International Salon of photography Emerging Sage by Leo Palmer Northern Counties Photographic Federation

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2019 winners


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photo-travel agriculture

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In year's Gallery, with four sections, we have included images of all the Medal winners from every section, 44 in total. Please enjoy.

Each of the four sections of the salon are in a separate sub-gallery.  Scroll down to the first image in any particular section you may wish to view; you can then scroll through that section using the 'next' arrows.  To return to this page simply click on any part of the screen outside the current image.

Open Colour Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Image
Going Home - Joan Austin AFIAP CPAGB (England)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Creative
Lady Absinthe - Joan Blease MPAGB EFIAP/b (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Swan 4 - H W Chan FRPS EFIAP/d1 GMPSA/b (Hong Kong)
FIAP Silver Medal - Best Portrait
Looking Beyond - Laurie Campbell (Northern Ireland)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Sport
The Levitationalist - Roger Evans MPAGB (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Street Life
Who Cares - Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/g APAGB (England)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Still Life
Stepping Up - Joan Austin AFIAP CPAGB (England)
Judge's Medal - Paul Stanley
Chasing Rabbits - Ann Miles FRPS EFIAP MPAGB (England)
Judge's Medal - Paul Keene
Cliffhanger - Ken Lester (Wales)
Judge's Medal - Alan Porrett
Appollonius Eddie Kelly (Ireland)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
Last One Out - Joe Grabham EFIAP/s (Durham PS)


Open Mono Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Image
Cool Landing - Phil Barber (England)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Creative
Olive Trees 0988 - Pat Broad ARPS EFIAP/b (England)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Portrait
Mischkah - Ross McKelvey MPAGB EFIAP/p (Northern Ireland)
FIAP Silver Medal - Best Nude
Alone - Alison Fryer EFIAP/s DPAGB (England)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Landscape
Solitude - S P Mukherji EFIAP (India)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Sport
Rooni Siraj 110kg Lift - David Keep ARPS (England)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Street Life
Miao Ethnic Market - Shenghua Yang (China)
Judge's Medal - Paul Stanley
Night Duty - Leonid Goldin EFIAP (Israel)
Judge's Medal - Paul Keene
Froch Takes a Blow - David Keep ARPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Alan Porrett
I Wish I'd Checked - David Sadler ARPS CPAGB EFIAP (Scotland)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
The Calatrava and the Cloud - Alastair Cochrane FRPS EFIAP DPAGB (Alnwick & Dist CC)


Nature Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Nature
Slobber - Chin-Chin Tsai (Taiwan)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Wildlife
Alert Cheetah Mother - Ian Whiston EFIAP/b DPAGB (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Mammal
Hippo Dispute - Ian Whiston EFIAP/b DPAGB (England)
 PSA Silver Medal - Best Bird Behaviour
Juvenile Starling Fight - Phil Barber (England)
GPU Silver Medal - Best Insect
Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary - Pete Norwood (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Geology
Bromo Tengger Semeru NP Java - Sue O'Connell ARPS EFIAP/p DPAGB (England)
GPU Bronze Medal - Best Botantical
Green Winged Orchid - Andy Fryer EFIAP/g DPAGB (England)
Judge's Medal - Paul Stanley
Warm Family - Jianping Li (China)
Judge's Medal - Paul Keene
Harlequin Shrimps, Lembeh Starit - David Keep ARPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Edmund Fellowes
Grasshopper Warbler Reeling - Alison Fryer EFIAP/s DPAGB (England)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
Grey Heron 9920 - Trevor Woods EFIAP APAGB (Stanhope PS)


Photo-Travel Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Photo-Travel
To the Market - Virgilio Bardossi MFIAP EFIAP/d1 (Italy)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Portrait in their Environment
Village Elder - Mike Sharples EFIAP ARPS MPAGB (England)
GPU Gold Medal - Best Agriculture
Morning on the Terraces - Ka Chon Chiang (Macao)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Transport
On the Wagon - Virgilio Bardossie MFIAP EFIAP/d1 (Italy)
GPUSilver Medal - Best Cityscape
Oculas - Rowshan Akhter EFIAP EPSA BPSA (USA)
FIAP Silver Medal - Best Village Life
Massai Classroom - Leo Palmer FRPS FPSA GMPSA EFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Child/Children in Environment
The Nenets Campsite 5 - Xinxin Chen MPSA (China)
Judge's Medal - Paul Stanley
Chickens Mai Chau - Leo Palmer FRPS FPSA GMPSA EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Paul Keene
Naughty Monkey - Sau Fong Neo (Malaysia)
Judge's Medal - Pax Garabedian
On Sightseeing Tour-1 - Manfred Kluger (Germany)
Northumbria Trophy - Best NCPF Entrant
A Winter's Morning - Keith Hildreth DPAGB (Tynemouth PS)

 Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to recreate the images on this page as faithfully as possible, there can always be some variations in colour balance etc. The Gallery is intended to give a flavour of some of the images that gained success in the Salon, but we cannot guarantee accuracy in reproduction or quality of image.