Northern Counties International Salon of photography Emerging Sage by Leo Palmer Northern Counties Photographic Federation

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2019 winners


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In year's Gallery, again with six sections, we have included images of all the Medal winners from every section, 66 in total. Please enjoy.

Each of the six sections of the salon are in a separate sub-gallery.  Scroll down to the first image in any particular section you may wish to view; you can then scroll through that section using the 'next' arrows.  To return to this page simply click on any part of the screen outside the current image.

Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to recreate the images on this page as faithfully as possible, there are bound to be some variations in colour balance etc.

The Gallery is intended to give a flavour of some of the images that gained success in the Salon, but we cannot guarantee accuracy in reproduction or quality of image.

NB:- The judges decided not to award the RPS Bronze Medal for the Best Infra-red Print in the Monochrome Print Section..

Open Traditional PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Image
Doing Cart Wheels - Tim Downton LRPS (England)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Val Dorcia Pastures - Vicki Moritz AFIAP (Australia)
UPI Gold Medal - Best Monochrome
Goatherd - Istvan Kerekes EFIAP/p (Hungary)
UPI Silver Medal - Best Sport
Austrian Musher - Livinus Bleyen EFIAP/p MPSA  (Belgium)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Portrait
A Sensual World - Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP/b  (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
Young Festival - Joao Taborda EFIAP PPSA  (Portugal)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Power - Yong Zhi Li  (China)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Storm Force - Geoff Smith ARPS EFIAP/b (England)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Let it Snow - Ron Tear ARPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Young Horse Trader - Peter R Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p (England)
Judge's Medal - Dave Coates
Marco Fassinotti Italian Champ - John Bulpitt FRPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Dave Coates
Sheep Shearing - Rosamund Macfarlane ARPS EPSA (England)


Open Creative PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Image
The Night Stalker - Adrian Donoghue (Australia)
PSA Gold Medal - Most Innovative Image
Chasing Wishes - Adrian Moore (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Portrait
Past Memories - Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP/b (England)
UPI Bronze Medal - Best Landscape
Winter in Weardale - Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP/s (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Still Life
Three Tulips - Jenni Horsnell EFIAP GMPSA (Australia)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Argentine Tango - Peter Sivitar EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
The Witness - Alan Young FRPS EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Daughter of the Storm - Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP/b(England)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
SHHHHHH - Lynne Morris (Wales)
Judge's Medal - Dave Coates
A Secret Place - Bill Power (Ireland)
Judge's Medal - Dave Coates
Number 10 to Lygon Street - Adrian Donoghue(Australia)


Nature PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Nature
Cheetah Watching over Cubs - Ian Whiston AFIAP (England)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Wildlife
Young Roos Duelling - Wendy Geddes AFIAP (Australia)
PSA Silver Medal - PSA Silver Medal - Best Mammal
Eisbar - Josek Kastner (Austria)
RPS Silver Medal - Best Insect
Green Headed Ant Carrying Fly - Jenni Horsenell EFIAP GMPSA (Australia)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Flora
Snakeshead Fritillaries - Michael Krier ARPS (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Geology
Pu'u O'o Lava Flo - Leif Alveen EPSA EFISP (Denmark)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Bald Eagle Hunting - Hang Ding Zhou (Canada)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Warthog Escaping - Ian Whiston AFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Green Veined White 2 - Pete Norwood (Engand)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Wildebeests Migration Kenya - Arun Mohanraj (England)
Judge's Medal - Edmund Fellowes
Barn Owl Hunting - Barrie Glover (Engand)
Judge's Medal - Edmunfd Fellowes
Heated Discussion - Alberto Carati (Italy)


Photo Travel PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Photo-Travel
Omo Valley Boys Playing Hoops - Francis King (Canada)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Portrait in their Environment
The Turning Scripture - Peng Li (China)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Agriculture
Paddy Field - Mike Sharples ARPS EFIAP (England)
RPS Silver Medal - Best Transport
The Train - Dipankar Dasgupta (India)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Village Life
Lunch - Hong Li (China)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Cityscape
Sydney Harbour Aerial 2 - Stuart Chape (Samoa))
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Inspection at Masai School - Roger Jourdain (France)
Judge's Medal - Carlo Diana
Oath - Paresh Paradkar (India)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Flying Kites - Kheng Yong Teoh POPSA (Malaysia)
Judge's Medal - Colin Harrison
Ploughing Washington State - John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Paula Davies
Dawn in the Quiver Tree Forest - John Chamberlin FRPS MFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Paula Davies
Number 1 Lime Street - Paul Jackson (England)


Monchrome Print Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Print
Anna Chainmail - Ross McKelvey EFIAP/b (Northern Ireland)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Creative
Tour de France - Lynne Morris (Wales)
RPS Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Out of the Mist - Ralph Duckett EFIAP (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Portrait
A Room for Ellen - Bill Power (Ireland)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
The Bookseller & the Soldier - Paul Keene FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/p (England)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Sport
Side Kick - Yue Yun Chan (Hong Kong)
Judge's Medal - Riccardo Busi
Misty River No.3 - Kwan-Leung Cheung (Hong Kong)
Judge's Medal - Sandy Cleland
Homeward Bound - Gabriel J O'Shauhnessy FRPS (Ireland)
Judge's Medal - Tony Potter
Free Spirit - Ross McKelvey EFIAP/b (Northern Ireland)


Colour Print Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
RPS Gold Medal - Best Colour Print
Waiting for a Storm - Paul Weston (England)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Isolated - Arnold Hubbard FRPS EFIAP (England))
PSA Gold Medal - Best Nature
Cheetahs Looking for Prey - Ian Whiston AFIAP (England)
RPS Silver Medal - Best Creative
A Strange Assignation - Dinah Jayes ARPS EFIAP (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Portrait
Adele - Alistair Wright (Scotland)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
Shipyard Work - Koon Keung Cheung ARPS (Hong Kong)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Sport
Winning the Baton Race - Terry Donnelly ARPS EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Riccardo Busi
Homeward Bound - John Perriam (England)
Judge's Medal - Sandy Cleland
The Bedsit - Damian Morris LRPS AFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Tony Potter
The Tree - Anna Stevenson ARPS (England)