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2017 winners


photo-travel portrait


This year's Gallery, now with six sections, contains more photographs than in last year's gallery. Once again we have included images of all the Medal winners from every section, 65 in total. Please enjoy.

Each of the six sections of the salon are in a separate sub-gallery.  Scroll down to the first image in any particular section you may wish to view; you can then scroll through that section using the 'next' arrows.  To return to this page simply click on any part of the screen outside the current image.

Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to recreate the images on this page as faithfully as possible, there are bound to be some variations in colour balance etc.

The Gallery is intended to give a flavour of some of the images that gained success in the Salon, but we cannot guarantee accuracy in reproduction or quality of image.

Open Traditional PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Image
One Leg Tackle - Austin Thomas EFIAP (England)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Rattray Dusk 2 - Andrea Harmssen EFIAP (Germany)
UPI Silver Medal -Second Image
Anger Revolutionary - Mahmood Mohammed (Bahrain)
PSA Bronze Medal - Third Image
Aurora Appearing over YK - Yung Niem (Canada)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
Ladies Final 2012 - Stephanie Cook EFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Sport
Raising the Game - Gordon Rae (Scotland)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Tradition 9 - Yousif Al Baloshi (Oman)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
From Russia with Love - Les Forrester ARPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Hondensprint No1 - Jhony Vandebroeck (Belgium)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Preventing the Try - Austin Thomas EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Malcolm Kus
The Arch - Andrea Hargeaves AFIAP PSA3* CPAGB BPE2* (England)
Judge's Medal - Malcolm Kus
Gotch Ya - Lorraine Jones EFIAP (Australia)


Open Creative PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
UPI Gold Medal - Best Image
Redemption - Terry Donnelly ARPS (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Most Innovative Image
Escaping Sea Horses - Valmai le Grange (South Africa)
UPI Bronze Medal - Best Landscape
Leading to the Marker - Linda Wevill FRPS EFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Portrait
Call of the Coven - KT Allen (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Still Life
Black Tulip - Michael Longhurst ARPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Gathering Winter Fuel - Jeanette Duncan (England)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Rain Stopped Play - David White (England)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Stookie and Blackie - Neil Maughan ARPS EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
King of the Islands - Coltrane Koh (Wales)
Judge's Medal - Malcolm Kus
Mother Earth - Baden Bowen (England)
Judge's Medal - Malcolm Kus
The Three Graces - Joan Blease ARPS EFIAP (England)


Nature PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Nature
Osprey Fishing in the Mist - Jo McIntyre (Scotland)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Wildlife
Grebe Feeding Young 9 - Jenni Horsnell EFIAP EPSA (Australia)
PSA Silver Medal - Second Nature
Darwin's Heath - Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS (England)
RPS Silver Medal - Second Wildlife
Bullfinch Landing on Teasel - Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Third Nature
Careful Do Not Choke - Yu Pei Huang (Taiwan)
PSA Bronze Medal - Third Wildlife
Red Hind Grouper, Red Sea - Len Deeley FRPS AFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Frog with Red Eyes - David Somali-Chow AFIAP PPSA (Indonesia)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Feeding - Bertold Nagy (Hungary)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Four Spotted Chaser No2 - Darron Matthews AFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Cheetah with Prey - Austin Thomas EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - George Ledger
Red Footed Falcons Mating - Gordon Follows ARPS EFIAP/g (England)
Judge's Medal - George Ledger
Immature Common Blue Damselfly - Darron Matthews AFIAP (England)


Photo Travel PDI Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
FIAP Gold Medal - Best Photo-Travel
Arreo a Contraluz - Luis Alberto Franke EFIAP/s GMPSA (Argentina)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Portrait in their Environment
Sowing in India - Roger Jourdain (France)
PSA Silver Medal - Second Photo-Travel
Team Spirit - Henry Ho (Hong Kong)
PSA Bronze Medal - Third Photo-Travel
Sled Dog Races - Roland Jensen AFIAP (Denmark)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Agriculture
Samburu Men and Cattle - David Keith Jones FRPS (England)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Transport
New Catches from Sea - Chih Sheng Huang PPSA (Taiwan)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Prayer Mats at Moroccan School - Norma McDowall (Scotland)
Judge's Medal - Valerio Perini
Anniversary of Revolution - Mahmood Mohammed (Bahrain)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Monks at the Temple - John McVie AFIAP (Scotland)
Judge's Medal - Robert Fulton
Colorful Family - Mohammed Alnaser (Saudi Arabia)
Judge's Medal - Chris Rowley
Salt Workers - Chi-Lai Huang (Taiwan)
Judge's Medal - Chris Rowley
Norwegian Village - Jon Martin EFIAP/b (England)


Monchrome Print Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Print
Time for Reflection - Rikki O'Neill FRPS (Scotland)
RPS Gold Medal - Best Landscape
Breakwater and Post Lepe - Gillian Morgan ARPS (England)
PSA Silver Medal - Best Creative
Purple Rain - Terry Donnelly ARPS (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Portrait
Charlie by Gaslight - Adrian Lines EFIAP (England)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
Huzun - Cihan Karaca AFIAP (Turkey)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Sport
Keen Competition - Shun-Kau Ho (Hong Kong)
Judge's Medal - Walter Gaberthuel
Tyre Expert - Kwan-Leung Cheung HonFRPS FPSA EFIAP (Hong Kong)
Judge's Medal - Libby Smith
Honeymoon Suite - Adrian Lines EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Jack Bamford
The End of the Shift - Russell Lindsay EFIAP (England)


Colour Print Section (Please click on thumbnails to view larger image)
RPS Gold Medal - Best Colour Print
Expectation - Yue Yun Chan (Hong Kong)
PSA Gold Medal - Best Nature
Strength is Nothing Without Control - Reinhard Boemke AFIAP (Germany)
RPS Silver Medal - Best Landscape
Loch Maaruig - Tom Richardson ARPS EFIAP (England)
RPS Bronze Medal - Best Portrait
The General - Janet Russell LRPS (Scotland)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Creative
Morning Departure - Michael Howell ARPS EFIAP (England)
PSA Bronze Medal - Best Photo-Journalism
In Pursuit of the Inedible - John Bulpitt FRPS (England)
Judge's Medal - Walter Gaberthuel
Round the Bend - David Byrne EFIAP (England)
Judge's Medal - Libby Smith
Bath - Erkan Kalenderli AFIAP (Turkey)
Judge's Medal - Jack Bamford
Frosty Gate - Linda Wevill FRPS EFIAP (England)